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Junior Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair Basketball is just that, basketball on wheels. The only rule variation is the traveling rule. A athlete playing wheelchair basketball must dribble the ball every two pushes of the chair. STRAPS has discovered a need in San Antonio for an advanced junior wheelchair basketball program. The team will use a regulation size ball and the regulation 10 foot goal. There are other introductory 8.5 foot goal programs available in San Antonio for the younger athletes or athletes with more involved disabilities where mobility assistance is needed (please ask us and we can help connect you).

The training sessions will be coached by the local San Antonio Spurs Wheelchair Basketball team athletes and will be held directly after the Spurs practices on Sunday afternoon (1:00-3:00 pm). The STRAPS program has basketball chairs for athletes to use and all other equipment and uniforms will be provided.

Wheelchair Basketball is the most popular wheelchair sport and can be played by athletes with varied mobility impairments (physical disabilities). Athletes must be fully independent in pushing and maneuvering their manual chair or utilize crutches/braces for mobility.

The team will attend 2-3 competitions throughout Texas.

Parasports Adult Wheelchair Basketball

All adults with physical disabilities are welcome to give basketball a try.  Each athlete must be able to independently push a manual wheelchair and have the hand-eye coordination to catch a basketball.  STRAPS has basketball chairs available for training sessions that are held Sunday mornings in the Morgan's Wonderland Event Center.